The Dongle is basically sold as Devkit and has not been tested for compliance, which is also not possible because the software itself can be modified by the end user. The Dongle has only been tested with the Orcon MVS 15R, in all likelihood the Dongle will be able to communicate with other units as well. Of course, every Dongle is 100% tested before being shipped. As with all wireless communication, the range is dependend on several factors, like distance, the number of walls in between and nearby sources of noise. The antenna performance has been optimised with VNA equipment, still, this won’t garantee reception in all situations, please be aware of that.

You are not buying the Dongle from a company but from an enthusiast hobbyist with more than 12 years of proffesional R&D experience. The Dongles are produced by large EMS company using pick&place machine and reflow oven. Please note that you may need a USB extension cable due to the somewhat large dimensions of the dongle.